Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleep? What's that!? -- Girl's Night!

This weekend some of my new nieces came over for a Girls'Night!  We had so much fun!  

First we ordered pizza from the Dominos pizza tracker!!  We knew the status of our pizza every step of the way until it reached our door.
Then came sugar cookies! We frosted cookies that were in fun shapes.
               So cute!!!
We stayed up 'til 4:30am!  We painted nails...

(we spun a nail color on a plate until it pointed at someone.  Then that person had to paint one nail with that color. We did this until our nails were all colored!)

ate yummy food...

watched movies...

made friendship bracelets...

made shakes at 3am

and had a great time!!  Everyone got a little party favor bag to take home.  :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PFO Closure This Week...

Well, this week I had another surgery. Hopefully the last! It was to close up a flap in my heart that did not close when I was little like it supposed to. I guess everyone has a natural opening between the left and right atriums when they are born. Then, the flap closes up before 2 years of age. If it doesn't close, then your blood travels between the atriums even when it is not supposed to. That means that unfiltered blood can go back into your body because it didn't ever go to your lungs to be oxygenated.

This animated video shows the procedure pretty well. I have a little bit different device though. I have the Gore helix device. Ironically, Gore is a brand that also makes guitar strings. Craig is endorsed by Gore so he gets free strings. My Gore "strings" weren't free. But, now I have musical heart strings!

Now, I am just tired and bruised. But, recovery is going well. Much better than other surgeries. I think the tonsilectemy still wins as being the worst!