Monday, June 9, 2008

Sister Hinckley photo

Marjorie Pay Hinckley when she was younger. They say this looks like me!

Post update: In one of my very first posts, I put up the above photo of Sister Hinckley and told everyone that people had been telling me that I looked like her. I thought it was fun and just asked for your opinion.
Well, how interesting was that!
A few weeks ago I was aproached by a director that said that every time he looked at a picture of Sister Hinckley he couldn't quite place it as to who he knew that looked like her. Then it dawned on him. "That's Tamilisa!" he said. He invited me to auditions that would be held this August. So I was surprised when I got a call to audition last week. They must be ahead of schedule! (unheard of in the movie world, unless you have divine help...perhaps!)
So, yes! I got the part! I will be portraying Sister Hinckley (from ages 18 - 37) in a documentary being done about President Hinckley. We will be filming in July. They are planning on cutting my hair short like a 20s bob!
I am so excited. I feel so priviledged! What a neat honor. I checked out some books from the library. It's time to read up about her life!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ice Cream Social

We had an Ice Cream Social for the Audiovisual Department last week. Elder Scott, who is over our department, was kind enough to come across the street to mingle with everyone.

We took a nice photo.

In this one I thought they were taking it of us much closer up. So I was squatting to not cover anyone up. Oh well.

I need more votes!

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