Tuesday, August 28, 2007

South Point Scavenger Hunt!!

Tonight I went on a South Point scavenger hunt to capture my new place in photos.

They call this area "South Point." It is very peaceful. The sunsets and rainbows are amazing to view out over the valley.

And we will have a temple here shortly!

I chased the hangliders, the sunset, and a deer.

A lot of rich-looking homes are here! Castles if you ask me!

The wind continues to blow tonight. This is no surprise. You can see the flags. They are always waving. The green one has been torn off the post. I awoke to pounding rain on my window too.

Monday, August 27, 2007


So much goes in to moving and it seems to never end. I am finally getting caught up though. Only one pile of papers remains. I still need to organize my finances. At least I've had my Italian meal for the people who helped me. I really owed them one. They sauce simmered all day in the crock pot. There was fresh mozzerella, fresh parmegiano, homemade noodles, besciamella, and basil picked from Emilee's mom's garden. Perfetto.

Moving always costs money, too. New furniture, an over-sized U-haul at no discount (it was my fault for waiting til the morning of to get it!), new decorations, etc.

But it is always worth it; a chance to start fresh somewhere new.


We started making the Emma film. It is the Joseph Smith story from Emma's perspective. Here is a picture I took on set.

...Emma had to do hard things.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A New Horizon

I just moved. Moving can really stink. Lifting all the stuff you have to lift, that is. But, once you get all settled, you look out over the valley and realize there are new experiences on the horizon. And a new view of the horizon.

It's always windy in Draper. I wake up to the wind, prepare my hair for the wind, time when I walk out of the door to avoid the wind, and go to sleep listening to the wind. It seems to never stop. The tasks and duties just blow in and out, in and out, carving new thoughts and goals. Perhaps this wind will blow something or someone, long awaited for, my direction.

The wind can always lift you higher.