Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Christmas Giver - continued

Day #10 Cute slippers for each of us!! Mine said "let it snow" on the feet.

Day #11 Aprons for each of us!!

Day #12 Yummy cookies on a "Cookies for Santa" plate!

Can you guess who the Christmas Giver is?? I took some brownies to my sister Thelissa's house to 'pay it forward' ....err....was I 'paying it backward'???

Sure enough, she handed me a plate of cookies in exchange for the brownies and said, "Thanks, you're saving me a trip."


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"The Christmas Giver"

My roommates and I have a Christmas Giver!! Following the tradition of the 12 days of Christmas, each day we receive something new on our doorstep! It is so fun! I anticipate what will be there each day. Here's the collection so far:

Day #1: Beautiful Bells for the Christmas Tree!

Day #2: Christmas Tree Ice Tray!

Day #3: Snow Man Wall Hanging

Day #4: Yummy Brownie Mix!

Day #5: Beautiful Star to hang!!!

Day #6: Cookies and Cutters!!

Day #7: Chocolate Santas!! Always a hit...

Day #8: Wrapping Paper for each of us!...hummm...the Christmas Giver knows all of our names! Unfortunately for Teresa, she had just done all her wrapping the night But, me and Emily are excited to use it! Emily was excited that the gift had her name on it!

Day #9: chocolate. Teresa was excited to use her hot water maker that is so quick!

Teresa and Emily enjoy a sip...

Cheers to our Christmas Giver!!

Stay tuned to find out what the Christmas Giver will bring next!!!