Monday, July 21, 2008

The Last Scenes...

The equipment truck.

The wardrobe trailer got pretty messy today because there were people to be extras that came today for the dance scene.

Hair time again to look like the '20s!!

Craft Services.

"Gordon" types on a typewriter while on his mission.

The dance hall in the church where Gordon B. Hinckley really went to church at one time.

"I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille!"

Marjorie spots Gordon for the first time.

A closer look at the scene.

Us three girls look towards Gordon's direction.

TC (the Director) gives Levi instructions.

Us three girls at the dance.

Ready to begin Levi's close up.

Time for the '40s!! Time to go to church.

THE END! My last day of filming for this neat little project is over. I was sad to leave. I hope another project comes along soon! :) It's been so neat to portray Marjorie Hinckley even in the small way that I did. I love the friendships that are formed while on set. I love working with fun people! Now, it's back to the day job (which is usually also fun) for me!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Filming Again!

Levi and I rehearsing lines.

Getting that hair done yet again! Several times a day!

In the wardrobe trailer.

Getting lights set for the next scene.

"Gordon" sits at the kitchen table and tells "Marjorie" about a switchman at the railroad.

Only one more day of filming!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Filming Day 3!!

Today we filmed at the Heber Creeper. Gordon leaves by train to go fulfill his duties.

For the shot looking down the tracks, the camera is set on the back of a moving truck. Look close to see the wheels attached that keep the truck on the tracks!

Gordon searches his train yard for something.

"Gordon and Marjorie" under a tree.

Gordon leaves. But in the scene he is actually sad, not smiling. :)

"Marjorie" and kids wave goodbye to Gordon.

T.C. gets the camera set for filming Levi.

Setting the camera.

...being Levi's eye line so he had someone to interact with as he left on the train.

A nice shot of Levi on the train.

On the train ride, we filmed Gordon reading a letter from home.

...a video of filming on the train...

A picture for fun on the back of a train car.

Levi shows me the cool watch he wears everywhere.

THE END for today...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Filming Day 2!

Today we filmed several scenes.
Gordon and Marjorie have some nice moments together.

When we were done filming I had a crew member take this shot.

I felt like Shirley Temple!

You wouldn't believe what we go through to get my hair right!
I hope there is no lightening around.
Levi becomes Gordon.

Marjorie and Gordon take a stroll done a lane and talk about his job interview

Marjorie and Gordon talk about their upcoming marriage. We were both looking down in this picture but it intrigues me.

This is the beginning of the day, getting my face to wrinkle!

Whoa! Looking older!

In this scene, Marjorie wakes Richard to go help his dad.

Going out in public for lunch with the crew with these curlers in my hair!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the filming begin!

Today we filmed a scene where Gordon and Marjorie are talking about his upcoming job working for the Church.

Levi Larson plays the young Gordon B. Hinckley. Marjorie's real sister is playing her when she is older.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marjorie !!

Today was my appointment with the hair/make-up department for the Gordon B. Hinckley film. My hair is actually not too short. It is shoulder length now. But they have it all curled tightly and tucked up under so that it looks short.