Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Filming Day 3!!

Today we filmed at the Heber Creeper. Gordon leaves by train to go fulfill his duties.

For the shot looking down the tracks, the camera is set on the back of a moving truck. Look close to see the wheels attached that keep the truck on the tracks!

Gordon searches his train yard for something.

"Gordon and Marjorie" under a tree.

Gordon leaves. But in the scene he is actually sad, not smiling. :)

"Marjorie" and kids wave goodbye to Gordon.

T.C. gets the camera set for filming Levi.

Setting the camera.

...being Levi's eye line so he had someone to interact with as he left on the train.

A nice shot of Levi on the train.

On the train ride, we filmed Gordon reading a letter from home.

...a video of filming on the train...

A picture for fun on the back of a train car.

Levi shows me the cool watch he wears everywhere.

THE END for today...


Heather said...

Tam is looks like sooo much fun. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. You look darling by the way. Love ya!
p.s. Are you coming bowling on Saturday?

Thelissa said...

Looks so good. Don't you love the clothes you get to wear?!

Brooke said...

These are amazing! What a great experience. I would love it if you wear that hat bowling...if not, at least just the metal curlers, they are hot!

Wood Family said...

it's so cool! I can't wait to see the film!!

The Fords said...

Wow Tam! Your so lucky. What an honor. When does this movie come out? My lovely mamasita told me you had a blog and I thought I would check it out! Do you mind if I add you to mine?

The Voice of Reason said...

Tam - you really do look so great! I think it's a great look for you :D

Lilly said...

Very excited to see the process of filming and look forward to see it on theather.
Indeed what an honor to represent Sister Hinckley. Share your feelings in this process, if you have a moment.Take care