Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The most magical place on Earth.
How could I possibly let the opportunity pass on posting about Disneyland!!?

Welcome to Downtown Disney!

Craig and I got to go to Disneyland (for free!) a few weekends ago.
We were down in California for a convention for the weekend. The convention was only a couple of blocks from Disneyland so we made sure to go!

Here we are on Space Mountain! You may have to click on this image to make it bigger to see us. We're in the back. So funny.

We met Mickey! :) (Can I just say that I don't like letting random people take pictures! C'mon folks...let's frame it up nice.)And last but not least...a Disneyland garbage can and ash tray.

How, you ask, did we get to go for free?? On Friday night that we were in CA, we attended one of those "come and listen to our vacation time share spiel things" and they gave us 2 free tickets as payment. They also fed us dinner and picked us up in a limo. I don't know of any Utah based spiel that does that! I could get used to California!

So that was how. The next day we came back home. Here we are on the plane ride.