Saturday, August 25, 2007

A New Horizon

I just moved. Moving can really stink. Lifting all the stuff you have to lift, that is. But, once you get all settled, you look out over the valley and realize there are new experiences on the horizon. And a new view of the horizon.

It's always windy in Draper. I wake up to the wind, prepare my hair for the wind, time when I walk out of the door to avoid the wind, and go to sleep listening to the wind. It seems to never stop. The tasks and duties just blow in and out, in and out, carving new thoughts and goals. Perhaps this wind will blow something or someone, long awaited for, my direction.

The wind can always lift you higher.


Thelissa said...

Way to go tam!!! it looks great. I can't believe how much you have got done on your blog already WOW!

Thelissa said...

So Paul was the one who made the last comment above. This one is really from me. Your blog really does look goo! I love the hang gliders picture. I would put one on mine too. We love going to do that. I will keep checking. Connie started a blog too now.