Monday, August 27, 2007


So much goes in to moving and it seems to never end. I am finally getting caught up though. Only one pile of papers remains. I still need to organize my finances. At least I've had my Italian meal for the people who helped me. I really owed them one. They sauce simmered all day in the crock pot. There was fresh mozzerella, fresh parmegiano, homemade noodles, besciamella, and basil picked from Emilee's mom's garden. Perfetto.

Moving always costs money, too. New furniture, an over-sized U-haul at no discount (it was my fault for waiting til the morning of to get it!), new decorations, etc.

But it is always worth it; a chance to start fresh somewhere new.

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Thelissa said...

MMMmmmmmmm, yummy lasagna. I want some!