Thursday, November 15, 2007

i-have-an-awesome-job post

Camera operating is becoming a regular thing now. About once a week. Some Sunday mornings. Sister Matsumori of the Primary Presidency told me today that she thought it was fun to see a camerawoman amongst all the cameramen!

We work in this room at the Conference Center during broadcasts, webinars, Music and the Spoken Word, etc.Today I was running around trying to get so much done. I am making DVDs for each of the Twelve of themselves talking in Conference. They have to approve the clips that have been chosen to go into kiosks at Visitor's Centers. In the pic I am cuing up Conference Tapes while another project was rendering. The project that is rendering is of interviews that were done of many Public Affairs reps. They each need a DVD of themselves for critiquing too.This is not my desk. This is a little workroom that we all share. Ironically, E Eyring and E Uchtdof were pictured on the screens when I was taking pics. I was with them both later in the day when I was doing camera for the Hawaii Stake Conference Broadcast.This is my desk. I need more room! Today I checked out a motor pool car and went to Bonneville to pic up a bunch of film that was shot in Brazil for the Portuguese homefront commercials. Adam Abel produced them. He is great. He and Ryan Little did the movie "Saints and Soldiers."Sometimes I get to record for the Ensign/New Era on


Thelissa said...

Hey. cool post! Finally something new! I like to see new stuff! Tell me more! Tell me more!

Paul said...

I always wanted to run the camera.

Shelby said...

that's so awesome. i wonder if you've seen my cousin while you're at the conference center. i'm not sure if he works there anymore...his name is jordan knight. if you've met him, i'm sure you'll remember...he's just one of those people. looks like you're having fun! love the pictures.