Thursday, January 31, 2008

President Hinckley Viewing

Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Clean
Be True
Be Humble
Be Prayerful

Tonight my friends (Teresa and Travis) and I went to the viewing for President Hinckley. It was very special. We felt like we didn't have time to really prepare for seeing him there because we were taken to the front of the line (because we went up an elevator for Travis and then we were right there at the casket). So we were able to see him first, and then walk through the rest of the way with the normal line and enjoy the pictures of the family that were all around. It was just like a normal viewing, only on a much grander scale in the Conference Center, and the whole entire world was invited. Can you imagine that? Having the whole world welcome to come to your viewing and funeral. What a difference you would have made.
One of the flower arrangements was from President Hinckley's grandchildren. On the written card it said "we will always be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble, and be prayerful."
In a way we were all kinda like his grandkids. We can tell him now in parting that we will pledge that "we will always be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble, and be prayerful." Just like he taught us.


Thelissa said...

I bet this way so neat. We have talked about coming down but didn't want to have to bring the kids. We'll see. Loved the post though.

Wood Family said...

That is cool to hear about because I won't be able to go- Jer is out of town and I have to work- boo:(

Connie said...

I was probably in the line you took a picture of on Friday. I had the same thoughts as I saw the flowers from the grandchildren. We got there at 2:00 and we caught the train back at 5:10. I am truly glad that I made the trip.