Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Ukelele!!!

In honor of the podcast Uketopia I bought a Ukelele. My friend Emily Hedrick created a great podcast on itunes about Ukeleles. It is getting good reviews and the KALA company sent her a couple of Ukeleles to try out. She is going to be travelling all around the world with their 'travel' uke and taking pictures with it in all different places.

She asked me to be a part of each episode by doing a section called "Tips and Tricks with Tamilisa."

You can check it out on itunes or go to the podcast website:


Anonymous said...

Tam- you seriously are soooooo talented. I'm way impressed:)

Randy, Heather, Carson, and Rachael said...


Hey I am wondering if you can get me your phone # or an email. Our stake does a huge 24th of July shindig and are looking for a band. I'm not sure your going rate or theirs. It would be July 25th. Around 6-8ish. You could make that weekend a Northern Utah athon. My email is Thanks Heather