Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sue, Marilyn, and Me

Almost 4 years ago I left working for the "Education in Zion" Exhibit project at BYU. It was an exhibit that would be housed in the Joseph F. Smith Building on campus. It was an amazing experience working there.

While I worked there I met some great people who have remained my friends for life.

This is Sue Peterson, Marilyn Miles, and me. Sue was hired onto the project to help write up the stories that would be made into exhibit pieces. Marilyn was brought on as a missionary. It was her stake calling to be there serving.

Every 6 months (at Conference time) we get together at IHOP to catch up. It is so fun! A lot happens to all of us in 6 months time! We always chat chat chat for hours. The tradition has been going on for 4 years now.

We are all in such different stages in our lives. Marilyn's husband passed away years ago, Sue has 6 daughters that are now being married off left and right, and then there's me....still in the dating stage.

It so fun to learn from each other and just laugh. Even though we are in different stages of life, we find that situations and our stories are not so different at all. The same principles are applied no matter what age.

Here we are. Sue is on the left, Marilyn is in the middle.

We have so much fun!


Hen Pecks said...

We are sooo cute.

Thelissa said...

How fun! What a great tradition.

Britney said...

I love that you get together to catch up -- at IHOP even! They look like great ladies!