Sunday, March 28, 2010

papa a la huancaina

Made this dish this week for Craig. I learned it from some Peruvians on my mission in Italy. I searched it online today and found lots of pictures, actually. It must be pretty popular as a meal in Peru.

It is a yellow pepper sauce over boiled potatoes and boiled egg served on lettuce (we added ham).

I didn't have measured amounts written down of each thing you put in. But, this is what I did:
Sauteed onion, garlic, salt, and yellow peppers in olive oil. When the peppers are soft, I put the sauteed mix into the blender. I added Ricotta cheese, saltine crackers, and some milk. Then, we mixed it all up while also boiling potatoes, eggs, and warming the ham in a skillet. I added a little more salt to the blender mixture too.

Here it is!

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Thelissa said...

Will you make this for me? I swear I have had it somewhere! Maybe on my mission? I remember loving it. Bring me some. And some pesto. Just sayin...