Monday, July 12, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

A little robin landed on Jeremy's head today!  Then, it kept following him around.  It clearly wanted his attention for something...

That something was definitely food!!  So, we got to work and dug up worms!  The bird was obviously not afraid of anyone.

Then, it took a nap right on my parent's porch.

We fed it again a little because it kept following us around.  I'm sure it was starving.

It even tried to come inside when we all went in.  It actually flew in the house and landed on Craig's head!

We had avoided touching it all evening until we had to in order to keep it out of the house!  

Here, Craig holds the robin on his hand. We found out that it has been brought up by our neighbors, who came looking for it later.  Bye bye birdie!!!


Saralou said...

these are great pictures!

The Fords said...

no way!!! That's awesome. I love the pics too!

Grandma B said...

I didn't see your comment on my blog until today...yes we were at the Ryan Shupe concert. Where were you sitting.
Secondly, I guess you are still dating banjo man...YOU'RE ENGAGED to him!!! Congrats.
Sorry to hear that you had to postpone due to surgery. Hope your doing well...hey I know all about PFO's I researched it because my dad had a hematoma on his brain removed this May and they think he may have one. It is a simple procedure though, you will do just fine.
I looked at Jeremy's blog and saw that they just had #6 baby boy! Tell him congrats. I also saw the ITP blog and read all about Thelisa's baby Joey. How is he doing now? I can see her family blog anymore...she went private. Give her my email and ask her if I can be invited. She hadn't posted for awhile, I bet she has her hands full. We will put you and Joey in our prayers. Miss your mom, tell her hi.
Sorry this is so long:)
Please invite us to your reception unless it is small and just for family and very few friends.
Love lots, Janet B

LinWots said...

What happened to the bird next? Did it fly away up in the sky or on a tree?