Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 1st of Four Lunar Eclipses

Beautiful "blood moon" last night!  There will be another one on October 8th of this year and then two more next year.  This is very rare!

I just had to stay up last night and catch a glimpse and some photos or two (or a hundred or so). :)

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RETA said...

I stayed up too!!! Your photo is far nicer than mine! (I posted mine on my little blogspot - if you scroll down). You will see that I've matched the coming blood moons to the actual lunar date and Jewish feast. It was a glorious night. I was out there for an hour & a half gazing & snapping pictures. When I finally decided to go to bed (1:30) - I was just closing the door - and stopped. I just had to go back out there - gaze at it one more time - and thank the Creator for such a magnificent moon!
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