Saturday, February 23, 2008

"The Bored Ultimatum"

Some of my film friends/coworkers and I entered the 24-hour film festival contest! Here are some fun pictures from filming, and the 3-min video we created.

We had 3 stipulations: incorporate a band-aid, compassion, and the phrase "could you please..."

We had 24 hours to create everything from shooting to rendering to turning it in (yes! I stayed up all night editing...everyone just sprawled out everywhere in my room trying to stay awake while I worked on it).


We filmed in Salt Lake and at my apartment. You can see Becky giving Matt a black eye with make-up, planning for a scene, shooting, and editing.

The night of the screening we all went to preview our little piece on the big screen at the LDS Film Festival!!


Thelissa said...

I loved this. I thought the idea was so great! Hope it was fun despite the long hours. When can you and Nate come to dinner?

Suep said...

I actually did that to two of my friends once! We went for daily walks and I went over the route before hand and glued quarters along the way! They were freaked by the 5th quarter - it was awesome!!

DL said...

That's really funny! Good job. Did you win anything?

P.S. Thanks for coming to my B-day party yesterday. It was good to see you and Emilee.

Wood Family said...

I loved your show- you are so creative. Like Buddy the Elf says, "what are my talents?":)