Saturday, March 1, 2008

AN OFFICE OF MY OWN! (as oppossed to "A Home of Our Own")

A long-hoped for office has finally arrived! Here are some picture of the Steelcase being put together!

I couldn't wait!

I love this nice new bookshelf!
I am now able to spread projects out and be a lot more organized because of having more space!!

The picture of my nephew hangs right outside the door!

This nice whiteboard will help me conceptualize projects, stay organized and efficient, and also help to draw out notes for studying the Church Music Library for films and videos.

It's already so full of tapes and stuff that had been scattered throughout the office space and cabinets wherever I could find room!!


Suep said...

WOW, you look so OFFICIAL and PROFESSIONAL! I feel privileged to even know you!

Thelissa said...

Wooo, Wooo! That is nice and big too. Do you feel a little more secure in being able to work and do a good job? Having your own space will feel so great and make all the difference. Looks so great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool. A place to work all by yourself- how nice:) What's that like? I need to know more about Mr. Tam:)