Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sisters, Sisters

Today I'd like to tell you how wonderful my sister is.

Most of you know her. Her name is Thelissa. We've always been close, especially because each of us only has one sister! She is always willing to listen to my ramblings and thoughts. I love getting her advice on just about anything and everything!! I know I've always wanted to be just like her. It's been a life quest to reach that point. But, I'm sure I will just have to keep striving and never get there. She's always way ahead of me! She is always so much more in touch with the way things should be, than I am. A clear perspective is what I get when we talk.

This was the two of us way back when!!!

And this is the two of us on Christmas Day, 1998.

This is the two of us in the Spring, 1981.

She always supports me with all my crazy things I like to be involved in and laughs at my silliness too. Now she is married and has fun kids that I love to be 'Aunt Tam' to. I'll always remember the days though, growing up, when she would call down the hallway for me to come into her room before we went to bed. We'd talk, laugh, and I'd give her a foot massage. :)

I count her as one of my greatest blessings.

Thank you Thelissa! I love you so much.


Thelissa said...

Ahhhh, that's so nice. I could still use you living down the hall on occasion. Foot massages and back rubs while we try to memorize the articles of faith. Remember that quest? Hummm, I still don't have those all down yet. :) Anyway, thanks for the post. I feel the exact same way about you!

Holly said...

You're right--you did get a good one. I was lucky enough to have her as my sister for a while, too. (Though she kind of wanted to go home...) Give her a big hug for me, please!

--Sister D.

Wood Family said...

very nice post. I laughed out loud- again- "wet's westle on it!":) you both are awesome!!

Connie said...

I have to agree with you Tam. You have one fantastic sister. I'm lucky that she gets to be my Sister now too! By the way, I think you both are pretty fantastic. I wish I had another brother that you could fall in love with. :0) Of course, your family may only be able to handle one Powell. LOL

Heather said...

I do love your sister! I think growing up I always thought that she was part my older sister too. It was always fun when we would have sleepovers and she would come home late at night and come and talk to us about what she had been doing and boys and all that fun stuff. You guys are lucky to have such a special bond.
p.s. did you get a new camera? Who took the picture of you on your blog header?

boylingivylilac said...

Ciao Sorella,

I remember this picture of your sister sitting on the desk in our apartment. You are great examples of sisters.

ciao gioia,