Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Day - Sept 10, 2007

Woke up at 6:30 ish
got ready
7:35 Drove to Trax
7:42 ish arrived at Trax Station
7:45 took Trax to SLC City Center Stop. Read Family Law all the way there.
8:20 Arrived in SLC and walked to the Church Off Bldg (w my violin)
8:30 til 11:30 finished transcript for Elder Ballard. He was pleased to get it.
11:30 meeting about new visitor center kiosks
11:50 rehearsed on the lower level with AV band for Friday's social
12:45 rehearsed "Bubbly" for social
1:00 rehearsed "I'm Already Home" for Paul Miner, for social
1:10 returned to work upstairs to find refreshments for Marsh's going away prty
1:15 meeting about kiosks again
Things I have to do for that: find GA quotes about BofM, 3 Witnesses pictures download HiRes copies, pull Homefront Commercial tapes from the vault and get them to the graphic artist, find "man on the street" testimonies of the BofM, find BofM passages read audibly in about 15 languages if that exists, and find images that depict some major events of the BofM and the Bible for the graphic artist to create graphics out of for the "Timeline" portion of the touch-screen kiosk.
1:15 had to send someone else down to meet mom outside to pick up a disc for dad.
1:45 worked on kiosk stuff, downloading images and converting to .tiff format in Photoshop.
Just ate refreshments (fruit and brownies) cause didn't have time to warm up my food.
Entered my hours
5:11 Caught tracks. With my backpack and violin, and Family Law book.
5:50 Arrived at station, walked to car, listened to Bubbly on the way home to unwind.
6:00 Arrived home. Ate cereal, opened the blinds, watched commercials in the amount of time.
6:10 Stephanie arrived to edit the Food and Care Coalition Video.
9:00 Mom and dad stopped by to pick up a VHS tape of dad's.
9:30 Finished editing. Talked to Emilee, my roommate to catch up a bit.
9:40 Ciro came over to use our internet.
9:45 Ate a frozen Oreo Ice-cream treat and then some left over enchiladas.
10:00 I helped Ciro with Business Law homework. He needs the internet at our house.
11:00 Read scriptures
11:30 checked email, facebook, ldslinkup, blog
12:41 going to bed.


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Thelissa said...

Whoa...no one you sounded so tired to day on the phone. Maybe tonight you should take a hot bath, and go to bed early! What an idea. One day you'll look back and never believe how late you stayed up. I do. Paul and I laugh when we are ready to pass out if we stay up past 10:30pm. We used to stay up till all hours. Not any more!