Monday, September 3, 2007

Working on Temple Square!

LDS Church Office Bldg, SLC. Photos by Ciro Abril
Fountain on Temple Square, by Ciro Abril

Temple Square never seems to get old. I work there almost everyday. The landscape makes working there seem very peaceful and spiritual. But that is not always true. I do, however, take it for granted. I forget that I work in a very pretty place sometimes.

When friends come to visit, I meet them down on temple square for a while. When I do, I stop thinking about the daily push to move projects through the Intellectual Property Office, and just relax and look around. It's then that I realize how pretty it is!!

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Thelissa said...

Hey, you added something! Yeah! Very pretty pictures. I also love the green eggs and ham guy on the top of the page. Very cute. I know what you mean about taking for granted to beauty around us. Even the mountains, trees etc. This is the time of year though that it is hard for me to take it for granted since the surrounding start to change drastically over the next few months. The leaves will change. It will get colder each day and before you know it snow will abound! I hate driving in it, but I love to watch snow fall as I sit inside by the fire and drink hot chocolate. Mmmmmm...